Celebrating 2018 Facilitator Achievements

Our Ethni team at our 2018 Christmas Party

2018 was Ethni’s first year and one full of many amazing experiences and achievements! We delivered over 800 cultural experiences for children and young people in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. We had 21 young women became a part of our Creative Futures program, of which six join our team as paid Facilitators. It is the achievements of our team of young women, however, that we are most proud of. So here is a showcase of just a couple of our Facilitators and what 2018 brought for them….

Maddy at our Mabel Park State School Cultural Arts program


Kicking off our wrap up for 2018, we’d like to introduce you to Maddy! She is one of our amazing Facilitators from our Mabel Park program and has shown extraordinary leadership throughout her time at Ethni. We are proud to have her with us and celebrate some of her, quite phenomenal (if we do say so) successes of 2018…

“This year I have achieved more than I ever have. I graduated high school, after thinking about dropping out and not finishing just as the rest of my older siblings and both my parents did. I applied for Uni, which is huge considering I never thought about getting this far. I also got my first retain job at a Cotton On store.

I’m proud to how far I have come within the last two years, I pushed through my anxiety and constant dread of going to school thinking I wouldn’t get through but I did and I did it the best I could. My grades improved immensely and I felt great.

Ethni has guided me during this journey into many things such as deciding what I want to apply for Uni, what I enjoy in a work place and what the expectations of a happy and functional work environment should be. Throughout Ethni I had explored what I am good at when it comes to leading and facilitating but also what I could work and improve on.

Ethni has been one of the best volunteering and work opportunities that I have ever had the privilege of being a part of and I’m excited to start new adventures with Ethni as I know that I will be looked after and I know that they see the potential in what I can achieve which only makes me strive better in what I do.”

Nas teaching a Somalian dance at our Explore Africa event in the Gold Coast


Introducing the beautiful Nas! Nas joined us in April this year and has made a huge impact with her passion for dance, poetry and all things creative….

“My name is Nasteho, I am a Creative Facilitator at Ethni. I have been fortunate enough to participate in various workshops with Ethni that have been very educational and exciting.

I graduated year 12 this year, not being sure of what came next. I have applied for University and few jobs but like many things that have something to do with luck I was not completely confident about the outcome.

However, all turned out well and I will be commencing a double degree study of Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Human Behavioural Science (Psychology) at Queensland University of Technology starting in February 2019 with a full time job as an administrative officer for the QLD Government. At the same time, I am very excited to be continue with Ethni as Volunteer in the year to come because I appreciate the work we do in terms of educational, entertainment for the kids”.

Dru helping Chauntai with paper beading at our Mabel Park program


Say hi to Dru! It’s hard to put into words how proud we are of this young woman, in what she has achieved both personally and within her school studies this year. We can’t wait to see her kicking ass in 2019…

“I have achieved many things in my life so far. Most recently I was accepted into the Young Achievers Program with The University of Queensland, completed my Certificate III in Aviation, applied for school captain and received the amazing news that I was one of the lucky four elected for school captain of Mabel Park State School in 2019. 

I originally applied to be school captain because my best friend encouraged me to. I did not expect to actual be chosen due to my struggles with public speaking and overall awkwardness around people. But, the teachers and my friend saw something in me that I am only just discovering. I have always viewed leaders as someone who is confident, loud, and quite good with people, pressure and stress. However, on the recent Year 11 leadership camp, we were told that there are several kinds of leaders, not just the stereotypical leader that I have always pictured. Knowing that I can be a leader in my own way, I am excited to inspire and motivate my peers as well as take on a larger role in the Ethni program at the primary school.

Being with Ethni has helped me grow into the person who applied for school captain with very little convincing from my friend. Working with the Ethni team and the other girls has given me an opportunity to develop in a safe environment and have some fun while being a leader in my own way.”

Sara getting creative at our Mothers Day Fiesta in May 2018


Meet Sara! An inspiring young woman who is passionate about anything and everything to do with community and helping others. She takes every opportunity and we’re so glad that Ethni was one of them this year…

“2018 has been an exciting year for me. I’m half way through my studies in Nursing and I got a new job working in health care. I have been given the chance to do some public motivational speaking to share my story and raise awareness of refugees and asylum seekers journeys to Australia. I have also been part of a program doing health promotion in different communities. As well as being a Facilitator with Ethni, I also recently took a position on Ethni’s Management Committee as the Youth Representative.

Ethni doesn’t feel like a job it’s a space/ place where I can be me (and get away with it!) share my story and thoughts and know that I can make even little or big changes to each individual’s life or way of thinking. And I enjoy that a lot. No matter how tired I was I was willing to do anything… any activity because It was the best way to leave my world and enter other’s world. I loved meeting so many people who are keen to learn and that was inspiring to me. It’s like a two way street I shared my story and inform and motivate people and they inspire me to achieve more.

I have done all this because it is important to me to help my community in anyway possible and share my experiences and hearing about their’s and learning from them. I just enjoy doing this so much because even though sometimes somethings are not going the way I want them to … just thinking about doing these programs motivates me to keep going.”


Ethni is a social enterprise dedicated to providing supported and meaningful training, mentoring and employment pathways for young women from culturally diverse backgrounds. You can learn more about how we do this through our Creative Futures program here.

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