Henna Party

Ethni Henna Parties give your party-goers the chance to experience the beautiful art of henna and create their own henna designs. Our Facilitators will take them through a bit of the history of henna in their culture and help them design and  draw on their own beautiful henna tattoos.

Henna parties are suited for children 7 years and older. For parties involving 4 – 6 year olds, we would recommend henna being part of a double theme party so they can have turns with the facilitator getting a henna pattern drawn on (little hands will have difficulty drawing on their own henna tattoos as required in the single theme Henna Party).

What your Party includes…

Trained, experienced facilitator
Activity lasts for approx. 1.5 hours
Gift for Birthday Child
All materials provided
Beautiful creations to take home
Free party invites



for up to 8 children

+ Additional children at $25 per head



for up to 10 children

Choose an additional theme of

+ Beading

+ Cushion Art

+ Poi Party


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